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As a family we spend most of our lives next to a swimming pool, with my eldest son Cole being in a competitive swim club from age 8, it’s no surprise that we would love our youngest son Carter to follow in his big brother’s footsteps and develop a passion for swimming too.

Carter (23months) is a completely different kettle of fish, he’s a little more hesitant when it comes to new experiences so it was really important for us to plan ahead for our big trip to Mexico.

Packing for a toddler is no mean feat but luckily, we have lots of experience flying long haul and each year my planning and packing skills seem to improve, much to my husband’s delight!

We knew we would center most of our holiday around the beach and swimming pools so it was really important that I sourced swimwear that was practical in terms of safety but also something that would last the entire holiday.

I asked around in many of my ‘Mummy Groups’ and Splash About UK seemed to be mentioned over and over again so I thought it was best if we check them out. Their website has a whole range of swim essentials, we loved the choices of colours and patterns and decided to order: The Happy Nappy, The UV Sunsuit, and The Go Splash Swim Vest. They arrived a few days later, perfectly packaged and ready to pack.

The first thing we all think about as parents on holiday is protecting our children from the sun. Over the years we’ve tried and tested a variety of brands and they’ve often fallen short of our needs. We wanted something that not only looked good but was practical and actually protected Carter from the sun. Splash About’s UV Swimsuit not only looked great but we were assured that he would be protected with the UPF50+ sun protection even when wet. Long sleeved suits are perfect for keeping those little arms safe from any harmful sun rays!

The swimsuit was washed many times on holiday and still looks brand new after 2 weeks of use! Priced at £19.99, it is a little more expensive than a standard swimsuit but delivers on so many other levels that make it a worthwhile investment.

You can check out their full range here

The Happy Nappy was the most practical item we took on holiday. We loved the fact we didn’t need to take swim nappies with us, which is not only amazing for saving room in your case, it’s also environmentally friendly too! It was super easy to wash and dried quickly, which is key when holidaying with a toddler. The nappy fit perfectly snug but comfortable enough to allow Carter to run around and kick in the pool.

Splash About UK have also introduced a nappy liner option, which again is a fantastic solution to saving on swim nappies and giving you that extra peace of mind at the pool – no embarrassing accidents here!

The Happy Nappy comes in a variety of cool colours and patterns and at £10.99, it was a bargain – (I bought 2 of the Splash About Nappies, for a total of £22. Using normal Tesco/Asda/Boots etc brand swim nappies for the week, we would have spent over £30, and used up much more of our luggage allowance! Plus The Happy Nappy will be finding it’s way into my nappy bag – making it that much easier for my little water babies to enjoy splashing! You can view the full range here.

The Go Splash Swim Vest was on Carter for pretty much 90% of the holiday… ok so we didn’t let him sleep in it, but it really was our safety net around the beach and pool. We started off the holiday with Carter clinging to our necks in the pool and ended with a much more happy and confident toddler in the water, which was a joy to see.

The swim vest is the perfect flotation device when your little one is transitioning between a swim seat and gaining more swim confidence. It took a few days for Carter to feel secure enough to kick and float with his jacket on and after that, there was no stopping him. We loved that it was slim, compact and lightweight – perfect for packing too. Priced at £17.99, it is great value for money, because without sounding cliché, you really can’t put a price on your little one’s safety! You can view the full range here.

Overall, we rate Splash About UK’s swim accessories a 10/10.

The things we loved most were: the variety of choice online, slim packing, making them easy to pack, practical and comfortable designs and the quality was the best we’ve seen in any swimwear we’ve used previously.

The things we didn’t love: Trying to convince a tired toddler that he can’t sleep in his swim vest.

We look forward to adding to our collection and continuing Carter’s swim journey as he gets older!

Splash About UK‘s full range can be found on their website at

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